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    Rebecca Scholand - Weather Observer MWOBS   Mt Washington

Brian Doben’s “At Work” series brings a photographer’s bond with his subjects to the forefront of a picture. “It began with a hankering to go back to the image – simplifying the entire process and having conversations,” Doben explains. “That’s where the magic is; it’s important that the dialogue is paramount. By the time I’m done, I know a lot about the given person and he or she knows a lot about me.”

Doben relishes the building of trust; as such, he streamlines production, involving a single assistant and light, at most. “I come in with the smallest footprint possible,” he remarks. Many of the participants are found organically, through Doben’s curiosity or an acquaintance’s mention. “People enjoy the ‘At Work’ project because they each have something to say and want to be heard.”

Since its inception in spring of 2012, Doben has traveled from L.A. and Dallas to Tokyo and Mumbai, making pictures of tattoo artists, sumo wrestlers, taxi drivers, and postdoctoral research fellows. Asked to identify his favorite picture, Doben says: “Everyone, in his or her own way, makes just as much of a mark. All that matters is the emotional connection and from there, the idea grows … if the person loves what he or she does, I want to be part of it and photograph it.”

Early in the year, Doben released three dozen “At Work” portraits in an eponymous book and the photography festival Les Rencontres d’Arles selected some of the images for its annual exhibition. Several Fortune 500 companies and international publications have featured “At Work” pieces. He recently summited the top of Mount Washington and will soon travel to Africa and Europe for the continuing opus.

Doben also works as a commercial photographer. His editorial clients (including Vanity Fair, Travel & Leisure, and Town & Country) have sent him to far-flung locations like Madagascar, Argentina, Antarctica, New Zealand, Tokyo, and the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. His fashion and celebrity covers are touted for their natural style. His advertising clientele – Chase Private Banking, Lexus, Sony, Monet Jewelry, DSW, Lily of France, and Elizabeth Arden, to name a few - benefit from the photographer's ability to both capture authentic moments and compose complex images. See more of his commercial projects here.


    58W 40th St. 6th Fl,
    New York, NY 10018
    p: +1 212 682 1490
    f: +1 212 286 1890
    Photography Agent: Carol Alda
    49 Borough High St.,
    London SE1 1NB
    p: +44 (0) 207 645 3337
    Photography Agent: Natalia Littman
    Room 207, Block 1, 427 Ju Men Road,
    HuangPu District, Shanghai 200023
    p: +86 138 186 72735
    Skype: ediezhang22
    Executive Producer: Edie Zhang
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